About Us

A Taste of the Caribbean – “A History of innovation, quality, delicious recipes and great tasting products!”
In the 1990’s, Sonya Dunstan began to explore her love for creating fine foods and by the close of the
decade she decided to start her own manufacturing company‘A Taste of the Caribbean’.
With the founder’s background being that of culinary arts and a passion crafting speciality foods, the company
initially commenced its business and trade by producing speciality food products for upscale and boutique
markets. A Taste of the Caribbean® speciality foods has always and still consist of the finest
ingredients with each recipe blended with the right amount of tropical fruits, renowned herbs and
indigenous spices harvested from Jamaican soil.
The use of primarily locally grown ingredients in the company’s products is in line with its core principle of
supporting the sustainability and development of local farming communities in Jamaica. Although the Company
is Jamaican based, it prides itself on having an international focus.
As early as 2005, the Company evolved into a product research and development Company,
manufacturing for its own brands as well as other small to mid-size companies. Today, the company works
with a number of businesses that currently have products in local, regional and international markets or are
in different stages of product development for market placement. Over twenty-five (25) uniquely Caribbean
products are manufactured and distributed by the company under the brands A Taste of the Caribbean,
Dunstan’s and Fantastik.
Product categories and lines include sauces, toppings, chutney’s, jams, jellies,
confectioneries, salad dressings, flavoured ketchup, frozen specialty fruits and vegetables. Our customer
base includes upscale specialty food stores and markets, department stores, national food chains,
mainstream distributors, foodservice distributors as well as end users, and specialty food distributors.
A TASTE OF THE CARIBBEAN’s processing facility is undergoing the approval process stipulated by
the Federal Department of Agriculture and the United States Food & Drug Administration. We are highly
rated for plant cleanliness, warehouse safety, manufacturing procedures, maintenance standards and
consistent product values. Our innovative engineering methods, high caliber processing procedures and
skilled quality control positions has earned our company a prominent position in the Jamaican specialty
food and manufacturing industry.
We are an active member of the Jamaica Manufacturers Association and
the Jamaica Agro-processing Association which are both business trade organizations that foster trade,
commerce and interest in the specialty food industry.
Our Company also specializes in co-packing and private label products and we have co-packed and private
labeled products for internationally placed companies to small local businesses for over 10 years.